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Now I know why I need to stick to computers and not cars....

today I tried to play auto mechanic. Well, next time I try to do that, will someone please please shoot me? So I picked up some parts for my car today, and was told this should not be that hard to do, and really, it did look easy in the book.

I pulled my car into the shop here at the office and got started working on it. Well, 2.5 hours later, and so much frustration that I want to go beat something I put the car back together the way it was before I started, and said to hell with it all. So something that should have been a 20 min job turned into a 2.5 hour job, and I did not even get it fixed.

But I must say now I have a lot of respect for not only the guys down at Independent Volvo, but also for my father who has fixed my car countless times. Not only do I smell to high hell right now, but I am really really freaking tired and sore as shit. I hurt all over (which I am sure is a sign that I am out of shape), and am really freaking tired. I feel like I have been running all day or something cus damn!

So I really think this tells me that I should not quit my day job to start fixing cars. LOL. Not that was I was even thinking about doing that or anything. My guess is there is prob a lesson here that I learned, but what that is, I do not know yet.

My daddy said he would look at my car when he got back into town, and I thank him soo soo soo much for that. I also now think what Dave & the guys from Independent Volvo charge for labor is ok by me. LOL.

Anyway, that is all for now. Time for me to leave the office and go take a really freaking hot shower as I need it! LOL.
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