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'Brokeback Mountain' takes top Globe honors

So, I watched part of the Golden Globes tonight and noticed that 'Brokeback Mountain' seemed to be winning a lot of Globes. So a little after the Globes, I head over to CNN, my main choice in news, to check out how many 'Brokeback' won, and see this headline on "'Brokeback' takes top Globe honors". So I read the headline and see that they took top honors at this year’s event, winning 4 out of the 7 Golden Globes they were nominated for.

I am happy that 'Brokeback' has done so well in the box office and now winning 4 Golden Globes; as it helps get a hot button issue out in the open, and allow people to talk about it. Sure there have been shows on tv like "Will & Grace", and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", but as far as I know or can find find, there has never been a mainstream movie like 'Brokeback' that breaks all the normal gay stereotype we are used to seeing in today’s media.

I have not seen the movie yet as it has been hard to get everyone together who wants to go. Maybe sometime this week or next week if all of our schedules match (ya right), I will get to see it. I think I now know how someone feels when they are trying to schedule a meeting for really a bunch of really important and busy people. But, I have heard from a bunch of friends and from the critics that it is a really great movie, and I think the box office figures say it all!

Anyway that is all for now.
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