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Running around like a chicken with its head cut off...

I have been really freeky busy this week. Crap has been getting scheduled where I have back to back meetings and such. Its really kinda werid, cus the week before classes start, I am normaly not busy, and then the first week of classes I am so busy that I do not know what to do with my self. I have meetings everynight this week expect for Thursday, and even that is subject to change. Here is my schedule for the next few days or so.

11am to 12pm - Lunch with Mary Beth to talk about Thrivent stuff
3pm to 6pm - Wire Pull at RDA Design Group (my old company)
7pm to 9pm - Homework Help at All Saints Lutheran Church

9am to 12pm - Help Clarence backup software at one of our clients sites
1 to 4 pm - Work with the Komen Foundation on networking / virus removal

11am to 1pm - Lunch with my mommy
2pm to 5pm - Install VPN for Bob (East Mt.)
6pm to 10pm - Dinner with Brandon (West Side)
General - Housesit for Karen and Russ

11am to 1pm - Work on Erik's Laptop
2pm to 4pm - Work
General - Housesit for Karen and Russ

9:30am - 12:00pm - Sunday School & Church
5:30pm - 8:30pm - Youth Group Event
General - Housesit for Mike & Mary Beth

And that is like only half my schedule. There are other things in there that I have not put in yet, or for one reason or another I am not going to publish here. Also, I am sure there is one or more thing that I have forgoten to put into my PDA or my work calendar. Also, other things are subject to get scheduled with out my knoledge, so I may have other stuff to attend to also.

I am just happy that Monday is a holiday, and I do not have school. So, school starts Tuesday. I think I have my class schedule all set, and everything. My morning are going to start a lot earlyer then I would like, but its just something I am going to have to deal with, and get used to. This also means that I am going to have to start going to bed early, well earley then I am normaly used to.

Well, its now time to goto my lunch meeting.

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