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Some days people are stupid (expletive) holes!

Tonight I had a pre-gathering for the RMS Middle School Youth Gathering at St. Luke's Lutheran Church here in the Northeast Heights.

The meeting was great, and we got everything done that we set out to do. The banners the youth created were better then I could have even thought, and if I had been thinking with half my brain, I should have taken photos. Maybe at the gathering I will track down our banners and photo them, but anyway, I get off track easy.

Tonight as we finished cleaning up and were all leave I walking out side to see one of the parents there with what I can only describe as a very confused but also very shocked look on her face. She was holding some keys and talking about her car.

At first I thought that she got locked out of her car, or that her car would not start, or something. But then I came to realize very fast that her car had gotten STOLEN. Now, its not like her car was parked on the street or any place that someone would not think that she was in this church, but it was stolen from the church parking lot.

Now this really pisses me off for any number of reasons, but stealing a car from a church parking lot, that’s really got to piss the big guy off, right? I mean, out of all the cars in the whole NE Heights area, why her car in the church parking lot. I mean, its not like she was even driving a good car. It was an old Jeep Grand Cherokee with issues. I mean, as if not stealing this woman’s only car was bad enough, the topping to all of this was about 2 months back, someone broke into her car, and stole her stereo! Well, yesterday she got around to replacing it. I mean, is that some shit or what!

The few of us that were left waited with her until the cop's came to take her statement, and until her father could come pick her up and her daughter up. I feel so sorry for them, I mean, that could have very easily been my car (well, my fathers car since that is what I am driving right now) as she was parked right next to me. I mean to think he could have tried any one of our cars, only to have luck with hers. I mean just that makes me feel violated, let alone what she must be feeling right now.

When we were waiting the cops to show up, we were all joking with each other, cus well, it was better then dealing with what had just happened. During this time, she told us about replacing the stereo and how she now wishes she had not sold her other car. Also, she told us how she thought about car pooling from Cross of Hope, but since they lived so close to St. Luke, she just drove and how she now wishes she had just car pooled.

When the cop pulled up (and I must say this was record time for APD for a non-emergency) he got out his car and said to the whole group "There sure are a lot of smiling people considering someone's car just got stolen", to which we all laughed and I think we all said something to the fact of "Well, its better then crying and hell, we did that already" LOL.

Now this begs the questions, Why does bad things happen to good people?. I have asked my self this question over and over again tonight. Not only because of this, but other stuff too. I mean, people who deal with so much in life, why is it that these people have to deal with this. I mean really if some rich guys BMW gets stolen is it really that bad for him? He probably has other cars, and even still his insurance will buy another car just like it for him. It’s just a car. But for this woman, this car is now she gets around in life. Let’s face it, Albuquerque does not have the best mass-transit system, and it’s not anything anyone can really use to get around with for the most part. Also, this was there only car, and it was not the worse car in the world, but surely not the best! So, why must a single mother get her only car stolen, when some rich guy still has his car?

I am not saying that rich people are the only ones that should have there cars stolen. In a perfect world, no ones cars or other items would get stolen, but yet, we do not live in a perfect world. We live in a world that is laced with crime and other problems. Just this afternoon I was joking with Pastor Erik about my prediction for the future, which was "I give society 10 more years before it just implodes on its self", and some days I think I just might be right.

I know this should not surprise me, or shock me, but for some reason it does. Maybe it’s all the time I spend at churches, with nothing like this happening, or maybe I just thought people had more respect for churches. But I am not only surprised & shocked, but appalled at the person who did this. So, now a really great and wonderful evening as been turned into a pile of dog shit by one stupid person!
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