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I am a baddddd little boy....

So, I was doing a around of Windows Update on all the computers in the office tonight. When I got to Linda's computer, I noticed that she had Texas Longhorns wallpaper on her desktop, and I got a very very evil idea. My idea; To change her wallpaper from Texas Longhorns to USC Wallpaper. So, I did it, and I also took some photos so show the before and after.



Also, for the fun of it, I have her computer setup to send a message to her at logon that says "!!USC RULES!!". LOL . So it should be fun to see Linda's expression in the morning when I get into the office. Now all I hope is that Linda does not rip my balls off, or something painful like that for what I did to her computer. LOL. Being the Systems Administrator does have its privileges I must say. HEHE.
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