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Some people make me sick!


Looking at tonight, which is one of the first places I check for news, I see a headline that catches my eye. Police: Pups get sitter, kids left home alone. Now when I saw this headline, I said to myself "What The Fuck?" as I went to click the link.

So it turns out a newlywed couple in Manteca, California left there 9 year old son, in charge of there other son, 5 years old as they went out town for a five day trip where they celebrated the new year in Las Vegas. Now here is the kicker and the part that made me say "WHAT THE FUCK!", they found a dog sitter for their new puppies.

They found someone to watch there fucking dogs, but not there own children? What in the fuck were these people thinking. What makes this worse is this is not the first time they have left the two kids alone. Last fall they kept the 9 year old boy out of school for a week so he could watch his younger brother. I want to find these parents (who since have been arrested), and just hit them and yell at them, WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU STUPID ASSHOLES THINKING?

I do not think these parents should ever be able to care for children again! They even have quoted the older boy in saying "I thought they loved them more than us", with regard to the parents caring more for the dogs then there own kids. Even Joshua, the 9 year old, said "They shouldn't leave us alone", so if 9 year old knows that they should not be left alone, what does that say about his parents?

I think the worse part of this is that its not like they couldn’t afford to pay someone to watch there kids, they just picked not to. Hell, both of the parents are cosmetic dentists in Santa Clara, CA. So they got the fucking money to find someone to watch there kids! I mean, if you are going to Vegas to ring in the New Year, really how much more would it cost to find a baby sitter? Also, what just kills me is they got someone to watch there damn puppy’s. Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying they should have left the dogs alone or even with the boys, but what they hell, you get someone to watch your dogs but not your own kids? DAMN!

My heart goes out to the two boys, cus shit at age 9; I do not know what I would have done with my self if my parents left me home alone with a younger brother. I mean, what this kid must have felt, and be feeling is above anything I would know.

I am going to shut up about this subject now before I get really pissed of at these 2 people, and want to do something more about it. I hope they get a really stiff penalty and do not get off with a slap on the wrist.
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