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Update on Barb!

Ok, So first off, today has been a very long day. I'm so wasted (tired) that it's not even funny. I have driven about 50 miles today, and thats all intown driving. So, I'm after this, I'm going to bed.


I was up to UNMH to see Barb tonight, and she is doing much better. When I went around 5pm, they thought they would have the breathing tube out of her in 24 to 48 hours, which was a very big postive. So, I hung around there for about 1.5 hours, trying to read Barbs writing, which I sware looked more and more like she was writing in Klingon. So, it was frusterating for Barb and us to not be able to communcate, and has really give me new apperation for people who can not speak. Anyway, so I then around 6:15 had to head home to cook dinner, and get ready for church service, cus it's Ash Wednesday. So, I went to church, and after droped my power cord for my laptop off at my campus pastors house, cus her's gave out on her, and both of her batteries were dead for her laptop. Then I headed back down to UNMH around 9pm or around that time. I get there, with some stuff my mom had gotten that might make it more help full to communcate with Barb. So, when I get down there, she is awake, and watching TV (YES, THEY GOT HER A TV,LOL). That was not the only new thing, but they had also removed barb from the ventalator, so she was not breathing on her own, with the breathing tube. We try using magnectic letters and a magnectic white board to communitace, and well, when she was able to find the letter she wanted, we were starting to make progress, but at the same time, it was really starting to wear her out. So, we would have to quit, and take breaks. So, about that time, one of her nures came in, and said that the Doctor was talking about taking out the breathing tubes tonight, and not wait till the morning, cus she was doing very well. So, at 10pm, when the hospital visting hours end (excpet for M-ICU), the nurse asked me to stay around to see if the doctor was really going to remove the breathing tubes tonight or not. So, I did. Barb and I watched the news, and then part of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. So, then the Nurse comes in, and says they have to run one more quick test, which she starts, and Barb got a 30 on it on her first try, which was off the chart (in a good way), so they decdied to go for it. So around 10:40 THEY REMOVED THE BREATHING TUBE, AND THE FEEDING TUBE! Yes, you heard me right, they removed it. I left UNMH around 11:05 pm.

I'm sooo sooo sooo happy. Barb was very happy also. She gave the nurse who removed her tube, and great big hug, and she started to smile, which is something I have not see Barb do since I got to the hospital on Jan 31, when she was admited, and she saw me, and start to hug me and kiss me. They are going to keep an eye on her, but it looks as if she is doing better (knock on wood, lol) So, thats the news from this end of the Interstate, lol. Call my cell if you want to know more info.

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