Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

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Captain, We have reached warp 9, now what?

So I was driving back on Paseo Del Norte from the Westside tonight where I had some business to attend to when I see this car closing in on me really fast. I figure I was doing around 55 or 60 (since my speedometer is still broken, I have no clue) and this car had to have been doing double my speed easy. So, I laughed and thought, "Go get them cops".

Well as the car passed me at what had to be something close to warp 9, I looked at the car, and in the big blur that went past me, I made out "Albuquerque Police". Now I chuckled cus here is a car that must be doing 100 MPH in town, running silent and I thought he was going to find all the cops, when it turns out he was a cop.

So that just made me laugh.
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