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Phoenix trip....

So yesterday was my Phoenix trip, and that was fun. I had a good time, and learned a lot in my class, and it was just nice to get out of the office for a day. But, on the same token it makes for a really long day, and I was tired when I got home.

So, my flight left ABQ around 10:30am, and got me into PHX around 11:45am. When I got to the Phoenix Airport, I went down to the car rental desks, and checked in. Then I hopped on there shuttle, and rode over to the car rental place.

When I got to the car rental place, I was meet by a really nice guy, who told me that they had an upgraded car for me. So, I was like, what are they trying to do, up sell me here? So, I made sure that it would not cost me extra, cus I was not about to pay for an upgrade. It was a free upgrade, so I did not aruge anymore. LOL. So, insted of the Intermediate size, which was suppost to be a Chevy Cavalier, I got a Premium size car (which was like 3 levels above what I had requested), which was a Chrysler Sebring Convertible, which was a really freeking nice car. So, who was I to bitch, right?

So, I go over the car with the guy to look for any scraches or dents, and I get out of there. I goto In-n-Out Burger for lunch, and drive to my class. The class was great. I have a much better understanding of what I am doing for the yearend close stuff then I did before, and I found out some great info about when things are going to be relased and so on.

So, then after class I had about 3.5 hours to blow before I had to be back to the car rental place. So, I went and started to drive around, and ended up in the Tempe area. So, by now it was around 4:45 / 5pm, and I started to look for a place to eat, but it felt like no matter what street I went down, I found nothing but fast food, and I was looking for more of a sitdown type place. So, finaly I stoped at a walgreens and asked someone, and she told me downtown Tempe. The funny part is that when I turned onto a road called Univeristy I had the choice of going left or right, and I picked right. Well, if I had gone left, I would have been right in downtown Tempe, and thus could have saved about 25 miles in driving around. O well, live and learn.

So I had dinner around 6pm at the Chili's in downtown Tempe, which is like right next to ASU. So, then after dinner, I drove thru downtown Tempe on my way back to the rental car place, and it was so bloody nice. They had it all litup for the holidays, and it was done so nice. If Albuquerque's downtown was more like Tempe's downtown, I would so be there more offen.

So, I got back to the rental car place around 7pm, returned my car, and took the shuttle back over to Sky Harbor. Went stright to security since I had the ticket agent in Albuquerque print both of my bording passes. There was freeking no one in line at the security @ Sky Harbor. It was kinda werid since it was Christmas and all, but again, no wait, who am I to complain. Got thru securtiy just fine, and then went to my gate where I played on my computer the whole time waitting for my flight.

My flight back to Albuquerque was very good, and much better then my last flight from PHX to ABQ. LOL. I had prob one of the best crew Southwest has to offer, and they were cracking jokes as normal. One of the flight crew did say "Well Southwest is the LUV airline", but I like my tagline much better. My tagline is "Southwest, the non-uptight airline" lol.

So, I got back into ABQ around 10pm, went stright to my car since I did not have any bags checked, and went over to the office for a bit to run the nightly backups. I got home around 11pm and watched a little TV, before going to bed.
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