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This week in review! (SAVE ME NOW)

Ok, I feel like doing a "my week in review" thing, cus this week has been full of ups & downs. I've been all over the place this week, from crying in traffic, to jumping for joy, to just pissed off, and other stuff in between.


Over the weekend, I had a hard choice to make. Do I take the new job, or say at my current job? Well, I decided to reject the job, cus I thought it was more then I can do, and I really did not think it was fair to Dennis and everone over at CAC. So, when I called Dennis that afternoon, I told him why I was not going to take the job, and he told me, that they have a company on contract to deal with that, and if we have to call them, then we have to call them. So, I asked for another day to decided if I wanted to take the job or not, he said I could. So, that night, during dinner, I get a call on my cell phone, and it's my grandma. She was calling me, to tell me that Barbara Wheeler (a member of my congergation, and she calls her self "my adopted grandma") was in the ER, and was trasported via ambulance. My heart sank. So, I finished dinner, went and quickly fed the dogs, and flew down to UNMH, where I sat in the ER waiting room for like 50min to an hour. Then I asked again about her, and they said she was up in the M-ICU which is on the second floor. So, I went upto the second floor, and a nurse told me that there were other people there, so I then see Kathy R. and Ilene T, both members of my church. I was told my the doctor that they were going to have to intbuate her. She really did not look good. The 3 of us, went to the waiting room, as they were intbating Barbara. We then decided that, we would be no use that night, as she was going to be heavily sadatied, so we then at around 11:15 pm when home.


I really did not sleep well Monday night as I really had a crap load on my mind. I think I got about 4 hours of good sleep. So, I did not wakeup in time for my 9:30 class, so I did not make it. I did make it to my 11:00 am class, and then after that I went to UNMH, where I checked up on Barb. I was there for about 1 hour. I then stoped for lunch at Arbys, where I called Dennis to tell him I would accpet the job. So that was now done, but I had another task on my hands, I had to tell Ricahrd (my current/former boss) that I was giving my 2 week notice. I was really scared to do it, cus I did not know what Richard was going to do, or how he was going to act. So, finaly at the end of the day, I told him, and he took it very well, and said if I ever wanted to comeback, I could. So, after work I went to dinner with my parents, who called to invite me right when they were getting to the place. So, I drove like mad to get there, and food was waiting, so I dug right in. After that, I went and fed the dogs. I was going to back to UNMH that night, but decided not to, cus I did not have the energy to do that.


I started wednesday like any other day. Class, More Class, and Even More Class! But again, I really did not sleep well, as I had way too much junk/crap/Sh!t on my mind. Class sucked, like normal, then I went and saw barb, got lunch, and came back and saw barb some more. I then went to work, checked my e-mail, and found one I did not like that much. Then I went to Logos. Then I feed the dogs, then back down to UNM to see how barb was doing. I left UNMH at 10:15 pm, and got home around 10:30 to 10:45 PM.


So, I have been sleeping about 4 to 5 hours each night, so I have only gotten about 12 to 15 hours of sleep for this whole week, when I should have gotten about 24 to 28 hours of sleep in the same time period. So, I overslept again on Thursday, missing my 9:30am class. So, I fed the dogs, and got some much needed breakfast, and then headed to my 11am class. Did that, and then went to see Barb. She was better, she was simi-wake, and knew who people were, and half of what was going on around her. I asked her if she had any pain, and she shook her head no, so that was good. I then later on asked her if she was cold, to which she shook her head yes, so I moved the blanket they had on her up more, and asked if that was better, and she again shook her head yes. I was there for much longer then I thought I was going to, but that was beacuse barb was awake, and I dont know if I will get that again. So, then went into work, and started to clean my desk. I got all the computer stuff in order, and then found that we are missing a set of disks and other stuff for one computer, and its the one computer in the office that is not like the others. So, I now have to call dell and see if I can get replacements, and have them shiped to the office. So, then my mom called me or I called my mom, I dont remember which, and she asked me to stop by the house tonight, as she had not seen me in a few days, so I said I would. We went to dinner, came back, and I ran back to UNMH. This is when I found out that things had gotten worse for Barb. Between the time of lunch & dinner, her heart started to beat at 200 bpm, which is way to high. So, they havd to shock her heart, so that it would start to work like it should. They are also trying to get some of the 50 pounds of liquid out of her, and had to start new drugs tonight. So, that just killed my good mood that I was in.

So, now it's Early Friday morning @ about 1:15an, and I'm sitting around typing this, cus I'm exhauseted, but cant sleep, just like ever other night this week. This weekend, I'm sleeping till I have to get up around 1 or 2pm. I dont care what happens, just as long as I get to sleep my little heart out, I will be fine. If I dont get to sleep this weekend, I dont know how much longer my body can do this. My body was not ment to work off of half the sleep I need, and be running all day from 8am to 11pm with no break. Carol has ask / trying to tell me to work this weekend, and I'm going to tell her to go place "Hide and go fcuk your self", cus there is no way I'm going to make it to work at 9am this Saturday if I cant make it to my classes. So, lets all hope I get some more sleep, and things start to get a little better.

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