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So today has been the day from living hell. Not only have I been busy getting everything done to get ready for year end and to be out of town in Phoenix on Tuesday, but I also helped out with a service project today also.

So, today started with me running upto Compusa to buy backup tapes cus I am worried that my order that I placed Friday will not make it by Wednesday when I need it. Anyway, so I looked online at the Compusa website, and they had one brand in stock in the store. So, I show up to the store, and I sware I walk around for like 30 min, thru the whole bloody store, and find nothing. So I find some of there slacker staff, and ask if they have any DDS-4 tapes, and there response was "We have not had anything like that in years". So, I told them that they needed to update there website.

Anyway, I called my dad to see if he could work any leads for me, to see if anyone else in town had these damn things. So, in the mean time, I decedied to go over to the Business Accounts desk, and ask someone who has a brain! So, I tell her the stock number, and she looks it up, and is surpised to see they have 4 in stock. So, she goes looking for them, and must have been gone for like 30 min. So, finaly she comes back, and has 4 in her hot little hand. Turns out she had to ask the person who handles all of there stuff.

So, I get them and return to the office like 1.5 hours later, in what should have been a 30 min trip. Anyway, so I fight to catch up with what I need to get done before I leave the office to head over to the service project at the Storehouse. So, I get everything I need to do done. Talk to the people I need to talk to about differnt things, and then I head out. By this time, its close to 1:15 pm, and I am running almost an hour late.

So, I get to the Storehouse where the area Lutherans church youth groups were doing a service project of painting the celing. So, I jump right in, and start to help with things. There were a crap load of people there for a project that we were not sure we would have enough people to do. Anyway, so around 2:15, we figure out that we need some junk from Home Depot, so I make a run, and return within 30 to 40 mins.

So now the real fun starts. Around 3:30, Laura in my office calls me from her cell phone, which is a little odd, but I thought maybe she was out of the office and just wanted to tell/remind me of something. So, I answser my cell, and she then procedes to tell me that we have no phones in the office. So, now I hit panic mode, and think that I might have to go back to the office.

So, I have Laura go upto my office, and find some phone numbers in my Roladex. So, I start by calling my rep at Time Warner Tellecom. But, I can not get thru to her. So, I try her cell, and have no luck. So, I leave messages in both places for her to call me, and then procded to call the 1-800 # to report service problems. So I call up and tell them whats going on and give them all of our info, and they enter my ticket as a Sev 1. Which is the heighest level they got. So, they ask if its ok to pull down our circut and test it. My response was "Hell yes". So, they said they would call me back in under one hour to tell me what they had found.

So, true to there word, they did call me back in less then a hour. They said that they thought it was a DS3 / fiber cut between Qwest and Time Warner Telecom. A DS3 is a super fast internet connection. And with all the road construction in the area it was a real possible thing. So, I tell them to keep me updated as they find out more. Cus, bascily right now, my office has no phones at all. I am not even happend if you did try to call the office. So, bascily we were all pissed, and rightly so.

So, again true to there word, they did call me back to let me know what was going on. I must say that during this whole thing, the people at Time Warner Telecom did keep me up todate on what was going on thru out this whole bloody thing. Anyway, so around 6pm, they called me back to tell me that they had got it fixed. It turns out it was a faulty DS3 connector on Qwests side of things. So, I called my office, and true to there word, I got our Auto-attendant.

So I took care of all of this from offsite, and the whole time during this I kept my boss and other office staff uptodate on what the hell was going on. So around 6:30pm, I called my boss on his cell, and told him that everything was back up and working right as it should. He sounded happy and proud in how I handled this and everything considering I was offsite.

So, then I went stright from the Storehouse to Kathys house where we had our All City Youth Leaders meeting over dinner and drinks. So, that started around 7pm, and we finaly got done with that around 10pm. So, I stoped by my office to check some stuff out and grab somestuff since I am out of the office in Phoenix on Tuesday.

So, now here I sit, updating my journal, with ThermaCare heat wraps on my knees cus they are killing me. Then in the morning I get up around 6 or 7, and get my self off to the airport for my 10:30am flight.

So, all I can say is my rep at Time Warner and I are going to have words in the morning.

Well, I guess I should get some sleep.


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Dec. 20th, 2005 04:12 pm (UTC)
You are a STAR
You made me tired just reading about your day---do you ever get a chance to slow down? Hope so!! I am sure your boss was VERY happy with your performance with getting the phones into operation again, and doing it so efficiently while being off site. Kevin, I marvel at your talents and hard work. You are a success at all you tackle, through your hard work, talents and determination. I am so proud of you dear. Please try to get a little rest, oftener. Have a great trip and take care. Love, Grandma
Dec. 20th, 2005 06:59 pm (UTC)
Re: You are a STAR

Thank you very much for your comment. I am going to try and get some rest here in the very near future. I also wonder how I do it, but like you said, its thru my hard work, talents and most of all, at least I think, my determination.

So, that you very much for supporting me in all that I do.

( 2 People Thought — Tell Me What You Think )


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