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Damn year end crap...

So I am not really pissed cus its the end of the year or anything like that. I am more just going to be supper busy, cus since its the end of the calendar year, it means that I have a bunch of crap to close out at work. For you people that dont know, we use a major computer program from Microsoft called, Dynamics / Great Plains. I have also called this software package Great Pains too, cus that is really what it can.

Anyway, for year end there is a bunch of crap that I have to do. Such that, I now have an upgrade to do Wednesday night. So as it stands right now, at 3pm on Wednesday I am going to kick everyone out of the system to do backups. The backups should take around 2hours, so then around 5pm, JP (the former Sys Admin is going to come down and help me with the update.

Also on Tuesday I am going to Phoenix for a class on all this year end stuff, so I hope I will have a much better understanding of how this all works and what I need to do to get it all done right.

So, then on December 30th, starting around noon, I am going to again kick everyone out of the system, and then JP & and I are going to start the year end close. We have to get the year end close done of the Payroll part before Jan 1 2006, since we pay everyone weekly. Then everything else has to get done as close to the 1st as we can to keep information right.

So, if everything goes right, then we will be done by that Friday night. If nothing goes right, then I could be counting down the new year from the office (which would really suck). But, we are all going to knock on wood that it goes right, cus I do not feel like spending my whole weekend at work, cus that would blow. But, JP and I have put lots of work into planning all this out, and well, it should all go just fine.

Anyway, so if in the next week or two, I just drop off the earth, know that is why. But, I really do not think its going to be that bad. Just a lot of reading. I have about 100 to 150 pages worth of whitepapers to read on this, and all of the procedures that go with it, and all that fun junk. So, anyway, just another day working in Great Pains, I mean Great Planes....

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