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Stupid People!

Ok, so I took off work early today so I could get some laundry done and do some cleaning. I did this cus I have to do the switch over to the new UPS tonight, and since that involves pulling down my server, I can only do that in off time. So, I got home around 3:35, and get some clothes together to go put in the wash. I got up there around 3:50, and walked into our laundry building, to find all of the washers were being used. Now, when I say being used, I do not mean they were washing loads right there. NO, they were sitting done with someone's laundry in them.

Now, at this point I was a little mad, but I told my self that they could have just finished and I would go back in about 15 mins and see if that person had moved their clothing. So, I take more then 15 min, I take more like 30 min cus I started to clean and what not. So, I went back around 4:25 and still the washers were still being used. So, I would not mind if this person only had one or two washers like that, but being that she is fact that she is using all 4 washers is pissing me off. When I do use all 4 washers, I make sure to be back up there, and move my shit right when the washer is done. Also, I make sure to pull my stuff from the dryer right when its done. That way, people can use the other stuff and not have to wait.

Its like this person thinks that its there own personal laundry room, and they can just leave there crap in there as long as they please. So, I am getting ready to go back up again (its been another 15min), and see if that shit has been moved into the dry or not. I am so tempted to move the shit into the dryer myself, pay to start the dryer, and then start washing my crap! But, I really am not in the mood to do someone elses laundry.

So, I will keep you all up to date on what happens. Also, I think I will call the apartment mangment company, and ask them to put a reminder in the newsletter thing, asking people to be prompt when using the laundry room!
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