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Update to my 5am wakeup call...

So, one final down, 2 more to go. I am now done with my Math 120 final. I am pleased with my performance but at the same time I am not. I had a much better understanding of the content then I thought I was going to, and out of the 16 or so pick a winner (multiple choice) questions, I think I only missed one. The reason why I am not pleased with my self at the same time is I ended up leaving 2 questions in the second section blank.

I guess, I should explain how this exam was setup. The exam had 3 sections to it. The first section, which was 16 questions or so (Don't remember exact number), were pick a winner (multiple choice) questions. We were given a problem, and 4 answers to pick from. The second section was word problems / write the answer problems. If I remember right, there were 10 of them, maybe one or two less. This is where I really started to get slow, mind you I was not moving too fast on the first section for fear of making a mistake. This was also the section that I ended up leaving 2 questions blank. The third and last section was matching the graph with the equation, which I blew thru in the last 5 min of the exam.

The reason why I ended up leaving 2 questions blank on the second section was that I ran out of time. When my prof told us that there was 5 min left, I quickly did the final section. Then I came back to what I had left in the second section, which was 3 problems left. I picked the problem that I thought I had the best chance of doing, and getting right. So, I started to work on that problem. It was during this problem that my prof said, "Ok, times up!". Since I was not the last person there (prob 1/3 to half of the group still left), I knew that I could keep working for a few more minutes, as she had to hand back your ID when you turned your exam in. So, I kept working on that problem and finally finished it right as she told the rest of us to get up there. I prob could have stretch it out a few more minutes, but I really did not want to push my luck. Also by this time my brain was fried beyond belief. LOL. So, I took my exam up and turned it in, and got my ID back.

So, like I said, over all, I am happy with my self, but I want to kick my self for not pacing my self better. O well, such is life. Now I hope I got an 85% or better on the final, cus that means that I will automatically pass the class. Granted, I think as long as I really did do well on the final, I will pass, but you never know. Anyway, I will find out how I did on the final and maybe class on Wednesday, cus I am going to go to office hours to pick up my exam, and maybe play "lets make a deal" lol.

So, right now I am sitting in my office at working doing some things (like the weekend backup, and stuff of that nature). I am going to kick out of here in a few min's and then go home and try to get some laundry done, and maybe a nap! Then at 3pm it’s off to the Sheraton to check in to my room. Tonight is my company Christmas Party, and I just decided it was easier to get a room at the Sheraton then to worry about how much I really am going to drink and so on. So, then after I check in, I will prob go for a swim in the pool, and then relax in the hot tub. Then around 5pm, I will go back up to my room, and get ready for the party which starts at 6pm.

Party goes until 11pm, at which point I will return to my room to pass out and sleep in a really great bed. As hotel beds go, the Sheraton has the bloody best beds. Anyway, then on Sunday morning (if I get up in time), church, and then the congregational meeting, which I will be at. Then Sunday afternoon, I am going to mix studying for my next final (Monday @ 10am), laundry and resting.

Well, that is it for now.

PS, anyone else that is going thru finals I wish you the best of luck!


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