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It's too DAMN early...

So, its almost 6:30am, and I am getting ready to leave my apartment for my Math 120 final. The final is at 7:30am, but I want to be on campus 30min early, and I also want to stop off and get starbucks. I have been up since around 5:15am. This is really too early for a final, and I really wonder how "with it" my mind is this early in the morning.

That is another reason why I got up around 5am. I am hoping to get my mind working more then just jumping out of bed, and rushing down to campus. I am thinking I am going to write a letter to A) The prez of UNM and B) The Math Dept, saying that this is just wrong, and that our final should be A) Later in the day (9:30 or later), or B) During our normal scheduled final time slot.

When I took French, the final was always at 3pm. Which works well for me if you ask me. Your out by 5pm at the latest, which leaves you your whole evening free, but also allows you to sleep in / do other stuff during the day. Whereas, getting up this early is going to screw me for the rest of the day.

Well, it's now 6:32am, and I need to get out the door. Wish me luck! Also, I will not know this grade until late on Thursday (that is what my prof told me).

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