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So, this week is going to be just crap.

So, today has not been the best of days, but at the sametime, it could have been worse. Well, for the good news, I might have a new job, well, it's mine if I want it, and I now have to decied if I want it. I talked with my "my might be new boss" today, and told him, that I thought it would be more then I could do, and he asked what I thought I would have a problem with, and he then told me that, when JP the guy I'm replacing moves to Chicago, they use a company to help with there servers, so, he said, that if I ran into a problem that I could not solve, then we would just have to call them. So, that makes me feel much better.

So, now I just have to decided if I want it or not, and I'm really not sure!

So, now for what has made my week shit, and it's only Monday. A member of my conergation is in the Hospital. Now, normaly this would not be as big a deal as it is, but this is the 60+ year old woman who calles her self "my adopted grandma". And it sounds really bad. I was down at UNMH for 3 hours tonight, and I will be back down there after class tomaro. So, I'm drained, I have not been home since 7am this morning, and finaly got home at 11pm tonight. So, I will write more soon, until then, please, everyone keep Barbara Wheeler in your prayers tonight.

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