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Hold Me, E-mail is down....

Ok, I really do not think that my e-mail is down; I just can not get access to it right now. For some reason, EarthLink’s web mail is being a pain in my you know what, and not working right. Granted, I did check my e-mail when I woke up, and I do not think anything life changing is going to be in there, but darn it, I want my e-mail.

Also, when a company tells you they are going to send someone out and they tell you a time, why do they not stick to that time?

I called PSI (Our alarm company here at work), to come out and check the system since we have been having some problems with it. So, I had them scheduled to come anytime between 1 and 5 pm today. So I got out of class at noon, and called the office and guess what? They had already been here. Lucky for me, one of the guys here in the office, knew some of the problems we were havin, and told him about it. But it really pisses me off that they came early. And I do not mean 5 or 10 min early, I am talking hours.

So, that is just my rage for today!
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