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Random stuff and an update!

So, this weekend has gone way, way to fast! I think I could use another 2 days, but I think we all know that’s not going to happen.

As for how I am feeling, I am better (in many ways, lol) I am still not 100%, but I am getting there. This bug took a lot out of my system, and made me feel like a old old man! I walked around BestBuy yesterday, and felt winded. It sucks. Also I think I have been sleeping as much as a new born baby. Ok, that might be an over statement, but its got to be close. The one thing I am very glad of, is that I am glad I got sick last week, and not this coming week.

I start finals this coming Saturday, with my Math final at 7:30 am (thank you very much Math Dept). It really makes me mad that they can’t do this at like 9am or something like that. Or hell, why they just can’t hold our final in the time it really should be for my class? Also, I think a final should never start before 9am.

My math prof said this, to which it is very true of UNM. UNM will never do anything to help the student. Nothing at all. Most colleges and universities try and help their students, but not UNM. Do they have any of the food options open on campus early during finals, NO! Do they open the Student Union Building early for students, NO! Basically she said UNM will do everything in there power to screw the students, which in my book is messed up. I mean, I am basically UNM's customers, and they do everything they can to screw me! What is wrong with this picture? If this was any other industry, they would not have any customers, cus we would have all gone somewhere else. I think its cus UNM basically has a monopoly and they know it! But anyway enough on that subject for now.....

After I went around, trying to figure out what I wanted to put on my Christmas list, I then went to dinner, and had really human food again! Yep, I am back to eatin "Big Boy" food again! So I am happy of that. Then after dinner, I went and picked my grandma up, and we went down to the South Broadway Cultural Center to take in a little of the arts. LOL

We went down to the South Broadway Cultural Center to see my parents in the production of Opera Southwest production of Amahl And The Night Visitors and they were great! My dad reprised his role of last year of the "old man", and again he made me laugh! I called him Down Syndrome Daddy, which is really kinda of an inside joke! My mom was also great, and she really had me believed that she was having a panic attack! It was about an hour, which in my book is how long an opera should be!

Today, I went to Sunday School and we only had two kids show up, so we spent the hour just talking and chatting which was nice. Then after church, I went down to buy some light bulbs from Lowes for the Sanctuary. Then after that, I hung out with the Rev and his family. Erik, Kelly, the girls and I had lunch together, where I took a rather amusing picture of Erik! LOL. Then after all that, I just came home and chilled at the apartment.

So, that has been my weekend!

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